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High Jack de Conqueror
by Whit Frazier

Print ISBN: 978-1-7372149-4-6
EPUB ISBN: 978-1-7372149-5-3

From the back cover:

"High Jack de Conqueror traverses the political development of the United States and the world in the years following the volatile cultural and political skirmishes of the 2020s and 2030s. Beginning with the murder of Lena Powers, America’s transformative Black female president, events unfold that reveal deep blemishes on the soul of the country as well as revealing cultural aspects of the people that could possibly work towards repairing and healing the nation amidst environmental, political and moral collapse.

Part political thriller, part historical novel from the future and part work of visionary Afrofuturism, High Jack the Conqueror explores questions that confront us as perennially contemporary people in a globalized and digitized world."

Available now in paperback and ebook from the following retailers (as well as many others), or ask your favorite brick and mortar bookstore to order a copy.

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