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Multicanon Media welcomes in 2024 with a new mission statement!

In 2023 we published Richard Bruce Nugent’s short novel Half High, a novel which was previously unpublished and unavailable to the public except in the Bruce Nugent Papers. Nonetheless, the novel is in the public domain, and so I decided Multicanon Media should publish it since I had a digital copy, which had been given to me by Tom Wirth, who was close to Nugent.

To that end, I would like to announce a developing direction and mission for Multicanon Media as a small media company. Since much of my academic research involves critiquing the cultural canon and looking for lost treasures, especially in Black literature, I have decided that Multicanon Media will focus its next efforts on also working as a literary excavation activist publisher.

Building off an article I recently published in Women in Publishing: 1900-2020, published by Edinburgh University Press, and in celebration of Women’s History Month 2024, I have decided that Multicanon Media’s next project, then, will be a collection of literature written by women - literature that was originally published in the pages of the Crisis under the watchful eye of Jessie Fauset.

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- Whit Frazier, March 13, 2024

The Multicanon Media Company, LLC is devoted to promoting diverse work by writers with weird, wonderful and strange new voices -- voices traditional publishers ignore. Since traditional publishers continue to promise a diversity in their authors, titles and staff that they can't deliver, we tend to think the problem is probably systemic.

So, we’re interested in multiplying the literary canon. Instead of trying to grow the canon within an already exclusionary aesthetics, we publish work that pluralizes the literary canon -- work that pulls back the veil and reveals the multicanon -- the rich multicanon that, much like a multiverse, is infinite in variety and aspect -- a multicanon of bizarre, experimental fiction and traditional genre fiction with new and fresh visions -- a multicanon of poets who write like prophets and a multicanon brimming with stories that broaden English language literature through daring revisionary aesthetics.

You ain’t gonna get that without diversity.

By calling ourselves a media company instead of a publishing company, we keep an eye out looking past the past and the future at the same time. We love books – that’s what got us started – and now we find ourselves in a fascinating world of multimedia. Multicanon explores the possibilities of media in all its varied forms as the multicanon goes careening wildly into the future!

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